My Story

After 5 years in the industry of Fashion and Luxury, I decided to quit the corporate career and start my own journey. 

I went to the Himalayas for two months to teach English, as a volunteer, to thirty little monks in a Buddist Monastery. I lived in a local family in the region of Ladakh, also called the "roof of the world", eating rice and dried vegetables every meal, sleeping on a carpet in a common living room, and meditating with my joyful monks every sunrise and sunset. I had the greatest time in the most remote place on Earth with no electricity and no water, discovering pure solitude but simultaneously love and care as I never did before. 

My journey continued in Tamil Nadu, where I spent one month in an Ayurvedic Clinic, following patients treatments and studying Ayurveda principles with my Guru Doctor. I learned about plants, herbal healing, acupressure, nutrition and all natural remedies. 

I kept on travelling in Asia, backpacking in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam for another month and a half, until I went back to Kerala, South India, where I ended this amazing journey to become a Yoga Teacher.

I was finally ready to come back to Europe, to Paris, to my beloved ones.

Thanks to my husband, my ex-bosses, my friends and family, that believed in me and in this crazy adventure, I hold today a yoga teacher diploma and a luggage full of love, courage and enthusiasm, that is letting me realizing the dreams of my life. 

"Let gratitude become your favourite feeling :) "