My Story

After 5 years in the industry of Fashion and Luxury, I decided to quit the corporate career and start my own journey. 

I went to the Himalayas for two months to teach English, as a volunteer, to thirty little monks in a Buddist Monastery. I lived in a local family in the region of Ladakh, also called the "roof of the world", eating rice and dried vegetables every meal, sleeping on a carpet in a common living room, and meditating with my joyful monks every sunrise and sunset. I had the greatest time in the most remote place on Earth with no electricity and no water, discovering pure solitude but simultaneously love and care as I never did before. 


My journey continued in Tamil Nadu, where I spent one month in an Ayurvedic Clinic, following patients treatments and studying Ayurveda principles with local doctors. I learned about plants, herbal healing, acupressure, nutrition and all natural remedies. I finished my initiatic journey in Kerala, South India, where I trained with the best Indian Yogis and I finally became Yoga Teacher, specialized in Ashtanga and Vinyasa.

After 6 months in Asia, I came back to Paris where I realized I wanted to know and offer more, to help people finding their way in the journey through happiness.

I started a master in neurosciences, Nlp and human cybernetics with the aim of learning the functioning of the brain and its connection to the body reactions in order to transmit the important tools to think better and feel better.


Today I propose a range of services that allow people to reveal their highest potential: from private coaching sessions to group conferences and workshop, I prepare these experiences as a real moment of enrichement and life transformation. (more details here).

I bring them away for retreats in very special places, where where the time stops, where everything is taken care off. In these momentsi the body, mind and sould are balanced, one stops thinking and organizing but just lets creativity, intuition, and love come in and expand in all directions.

If you wish to get in contact with me:


Instagram messages: @happyhealthyila