Ilaria is a passionate yoga teacher and dancer, whose favorite activity is helping people feeling better and happier. Grace and elegance are the key pillars in her philosophy.

"In order to find and express your inner elegance, you first have to envision yourself as an elegant person. When you think about displaying an inner elegance, gracefulness is one of qualities to express this. When you are graceful you move slowly, have a positive but quiet confidence about your aura and you think and speak with poise, charm, dignity, and beauty" 



Ilaria teaches yoga in private, very special, spaces and gardens in Paris.

She is the founder of the "Happy Retreats" : thematic alternative holidays around Yoga, Happiness and Nature.  She integrates a special workshop in each retreat: Forest Therapy, Positive Thinking Workshops, Essential Oils, healthy cooking, dance, music, painting and many creative techniques to increase happiness and wellness in all living beings, always in magic places immerged in the nature.