art and yoga

Art is the highest form of Meditation.

Yoga is the highest form of Art.

When the authenticity of Yoga meets the beauty of Art, some magic happens.

I invite you to join this very unique moment where art and yoga meet in one special place, the temple of art: the most exclusive art galleries and museums in Paris are opening their precious doors especially for us.

You will be guided by the best art specialists into a private tour of the art space, exploring the art exhibition and the artist’s background. A unique time to learn about contemporary art as you never did before.

You will also explore a new way of practicing yoga and meditation, where the eyes are filled with beauty and the mind meditates at its purest vibe.


events schedule 2019

12 March 2019, 7pm: Galerie Tornabuoni, Alberto Biasi exhibition

18 June 2019, 7pm: Galerie Templon, Kehinde Wiley exhibition

23 July 2019, 7pm: Galerie Tornabuoni, Pomodoro exhibition

10 September 2019, 7pm: place TBC

19 October 2019, 7pm: Fiac Paris

7 November 2019, 7pm: Paris Photo

10 December 2019, 7pm: place TBC

If you wish to subscribe to the future events or have some arty places to suggest, don’t hesitate to write me an email: we’re working on a precise timing to let you explore the best of the Parisian Art Scene!