public classes

Public classes allow you to practice in a group setting, sharing the community spirit that yoga creates. I believe the individual needs to feel part of a group, yet to perceive a very intimate customized treatment to feel special. This is the reason why I love to accompany small groups int he yoga practice, in very special and unique environmente, such as the secret Parisian saloons with the charm of ancient times. 


TUESDAYS         8.00-9.15pm: secret saloon in the heart of Paris (7eme)

THURSDAY        7.30-8.15pm: secret saloon in the heart of Paris (7eme)


private classes

Private classes are amazing for everyone that begins, for those with low self-esteem but also for the ones aiming at a better alignement and understanding of their body movements.

My objective is to understand what are the student's physical and emotional needs, and to explain the actual benefits yoga can provide: it is not only about weight balance and sculpted body but also mind lightness and overall relief.

Yoga can be therapeutic and a real magic in someone's life.

I love to offer modifications, breaking down the flows and positions, teaching mind focus and breathing techniques to make each one comfortable and confident during the whole session. 

To schedule a private class please send me a text to:

or email: