public classes

Public classes allow you to practice in a group setting, sharing the community spirit that yoga creates. I believe the individual needs to feel part of a group, yet to perceive a very intimate customized treatment to feel special.

My public classes are proposed in very special and unusual places, such as the secret Parisian saloons or the most exclusive art places, to allow the eyes, the body, and the soul to leave a unique uplifting experience.


MONDAYS, TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS   7.30-8.45pm: secret saloon in the heart of Paris (7eme, 9eme, 18eme)

For confidential reasons the address is transmitted only by private message and I can offer a limited number of places (8-15 people maximum). Please write me by email if you wish to receive more info


private classes

Private classes are amazing for everyone that begins, for those with low self-esteem but also for the ones aiming at a better alignement and understanding of their body movements.

My objective is to understand what are the student's physical and emotional needs, and to explain the actual benefits yoga can provide: it is not only about weight balance and sculpted body but also mind lightness and overall relief.

I teach Vinyasa, Haha or Ashtanga Yoga, offering modifications and alignement very specific queues. I love teaching breathing techniques to make each one comfortable and confident during the whole session. 

Specialized in Yoga for Couples and Yoga for Pre-Maman/Post-Maman


To schedule a private or collective class please send me a text to:

or email: