ILA (ILARIA)- Founder

Ilaria is the founder of Happy Healthy Ila, a company dedicated to the organization of exclusive events for the wellbeing of people.

Ilaria is also a passionate yoga teacher, with a background in neurosciences and holistic treatments, which she practices in Paris.

She defines herself a student of happiness, with one mission: helping people feeling happier and healthier, every day, with all possible tools.

"The main cause of happiness in your life is yourself" 

- Dalaim Lama


The "Happy Retreats" are thematic alternative holidays around Yoga, Happiness and Nature.  She integrates a special workshop in each retreat: Forest Therapy, Positive Thinking Workshops, Essential Oils, Healthy cooking, Dancing, Music, Painting and many creative techniques to increase happiness and wellness in all living beings, always in magic places immerged in the nature.